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Alain and Juliette Vendetta e perdono / Revenge and Forgiveness
The Count Alain de Savoia-Soissons has been married since thirty years with Juliette, but between them remained intact affection, tenderness and a certain attraction, despite the friendship of Juliette with women of liberal and progressive ideas as the actress Marie Dorval is frowned upon by Alain. On the other hand Juliette thinks that Alain is now too old to continue working for the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. The relationship between Valerie and her husband, the painter Charles Quesnet finally went into crisis, since, during the Salon of 1834, Valerie knewn Nick Lindsay, a young English painter, so he left Charles. The relationship between the Dr. Nicolas De Blégny and his wife, Halima, after the birth of twins children, seems to have come to a crossroads and Nicolas who has always been a libertine, feeling neglected, he threw himself into the arms of a colleague, the dentist Helene Purkis... Published in collaboration with

La figlia del corsaro francese
Joséphine Surcouf è la figlia minore del celebre Robert Surcouf, corsaro al servizio della marina francese e, nonostante sia una donna, è riuscita a convincere il padre, prima a darle la stessa educazione dei fratelli e, poi, ad affidarle una delle sue navi...
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